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  • Winston


    I cannot change the world, but I can change my world

  • Sue Stroud-Speyers

    Sue Stroud-Speyers

    Neurodivergent witch , writer, grad student, farmher with ADHD, GAD, PTSD & Chronic depression. It's just as fun as it sounds.

  • Potshards and Gold

    Potshards and Gold

    Late diagnosed autistic, writing about my life, neurospychology, disability/ability, and other objects of my hyperfocus. Very likely including dogs.

  • John Baxter Weekes

    John Baxter Weekes

    Medical Imaging Scientist • Photographer • Reader

  • Olivia Levitt

    Olivia Levitt

  • Peter Wynn

    Peter Wynn

    Diagnosed with autism at 35. Explained a lifetime of difference.

  • Rain Aizle

    Rain Aizle

    My place to share me, uncensored. I want to see the real me; I want you to see the real you.

  • Caner Güngör

    Caner Güngör

    I have worked as a community manager, SEO Specialist and developer on various platforms for 12 years. Now I publish interesting articles on my own blog.

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